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Occupational therapist developed programs for young people with autism, neurodivergence & disability

Training for Occupational Therapists

Introduction to Puberty Training - professional development for occupational therapists

Virtual workshop providing knowledge and practical skills to help your clients navigate the transition through puberty. 

Puberty Plus Practitioner Program - for occupational therapists

Become a Registered Puberty Plus Facilitator to deliver Puberty Plus Programs via 1:1 therapy sessions and group programs.

Resources for Young People

Puberty Plus Online Program - self-paced education program for teens and tweens

Online self-paced puberty education for young people with autism and disability.

Piper Gets Her Period Book

Written by an occupational therapist, specifically to be easily accessed and understood by girls with autism.

More Information

Puberty Plus Website

Programs and resources to support young people with autism and disability through puberty.

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