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Supporting Young People Through Puberty

Occupational therapist developed programs for young people with autism, neurodivergence & disability

Our range of Puberty Plus programs support young autistic and disabled people, and allied health providers, to better understand and manage puberty and the various life skills crucial to this transitionary period.

Click below to find out more information about the range of Puberty Plus options for young people and providers.

If you’re a young person with autism or disability, or an allied health provider supporting young people…

There’s a Puberty Plus option for you!

What is Puberty Plus?

Puberty Plus is a suite of programs designed specifically to help young people with autism, neurodivergence and disability to better understand and manage puberty.

Puberty can be a tricky time for most young people, but young people with autism, neurodivergence and disability may find this time particularly challenging, due to a range of factors.

The Puberty Plus program has been designed by the occupational therapists at Bloom Wellbeing, to provide factual, honest and relevant information, using concrete language, illustrations, practical activities and visual supports to enhance learning. The program focuses on a range of topics relevant to puberty, as outlined below.

Topics covered:

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Your body
  • Keeping it clean: all about hygiene
  • Menstruation – getting your period
  • Menstruation – managing your period
  • Big feelings
  • The people around you
  • Friends & peer pressure 
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Being more confident


* The program also includes a section containing several fun practical activities, that may require assistance from an adult e.g. to collect the supplies you need and help with safety. 

Ready to get started?

Puberty Plus Online is a self-paced version of our in-person Puberty Plus program. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, via your PC, laptop or tablet, for just $A197

If you are a self or plan managed NDIS client, you may also be able to seek reimbursement for the cost of this program from the NDIS. If you would like us to invoice your Plan Manager directly, please complete this online form.

You may also want to arrange for one of our OTs or OT Assistants to provide you with weekly Zoom support to work through the program online, which may be covered under your NDIS funding.